"If you want a fun and funky, varied DJ set I would heartily recommend Paul. If I was writing for a magazine I'd give him 5 out of 5..."

"I would recommend Paul as a DJ 100% I can't wait till the next time we have a big event because he would be top of the list for spinning some tunes..."

"We had a absolutely phenomenal evening last night, it was epic!"

"Paul managed to take a fairly hefty list of 'must have' tunes which ranged wildly from hardcore drum and bass, to 90's dance classics, grunge, funk & soul, NO ABBA and even some older swinging tunes for the oldies. He took these requests and blended them seamlessly into an awesome set that kept us all dancing for hours. He wasn't even concerned by our first dance request of our own mashup of Killing In The Name. There wasn't a single tune that felt out of place. He even let some of the kids cross fade a tune or two."

Dan Thomas.

"I've already had the pleasure of hearing him DJ twice and he has this amazing knack of getting literally everyone dancing! He has a way of understanding your musical tastes, mixing them up and adding his own very special twist to bring quite diverse audiences together to dance in one joyful smiley group. In fact he somehow managed to get everyone from the youngest to the oldest dancing to one of my favourite tunes 'On a Ragga Tip', a tune I never thought I'd see people united by! See Paul can just sense that moment when a track will fit in and get everyone nodding their heads and pulling that 'what a tune' face! Our friends and family still remember what great music we had when Paul came to DJ. In fact even one of the staff at the venue said how much they'd enjoyed the music and what impeccable music we'd had! Book him before everyone else does!"

Kat M.

"Paul DJ'd at our wedding in 2014.  We asked Paul, because in our minds the music at a wedding shouldn't be an afterthought for the dancey bit of the reception. It can make the entire day perfect with your music playing throughout the day.  From the track I walked down the aisle to, to the song we both chose to dance back down it when the deed was done, Paul was there to make sure it all went to plan. 

We met with him a few months before to talk about the music we liked and to give him a playlist of songs we definitely wanted playing at certain points during the day.  But the rest we left up to him, knowing there wouldn't we be an empty dance floor when the time came (and there wasn't!) I'd have him play at a party of ours in a heartbeat, as he's not just a wedding DJ, he's a DJ for every event."

Min Smart.

“Paul DJ’d at our wedding and it was perfect. He spent lots of time with us beforehand, getting to understand our taste in music and made some excellent suggestions of other songs to boost our playlist from his vast knowledge and library of music. Paul knows exactly the right tunes to play at the right time of the evening to keep your guests on the dance floor and he was open to requests from them, whilst making sure we got our tracks played as well. Paul is also one of the nicest, funniest people you’ll meet and he would be an asset to any event. I cannot recommend him highly enough!”

The Moorhead's.

"We had a absolutely phenomenal evening last night, you had everyone on their feet and it constantly felt like the party was grooving - Thanks again, it was epic!"

The Breen's.

“Paul's infectious style of Funk, Hip-Hop & RnB mashups, is a roof raiser.  Brought a totally new thing to our Thursday & Friday nights in Glasgow.”

Fury's Club - Glasgow

“Paul knew instantly what we wanted for our Sunday nights at The Loft Bar. His blend of Soul and Disco always kept our Sunday crowd happy.”

The Loft Bar -  Glasgow