".....Music at a wedding shouldn't be an afterthought for the dancey bit of the reception.         It can make the entire day perfect with your music playing throughout...."

"....I cannot recommend him highly enougH!...."   

"....Paul spent lots of time with us beforehand getting to know our tastes in music and made some excellent suggestions to boost our playlist...."

"....We had a absolutely phenomenal evening...."

                 "....I'd have him play at a party of ours in a heartbeat,

                               he's not just a wedding DJ...."  


Whether big or small, no matter where or what the venue - Marquees, Pubs, Town Halls, Castles, Fields, Country Estates, Gardens, Rooftop Pools, the side of a mountain top in France, Paul believes the soundtrack for YOUR wedding day is the most important thing. 

However, everyone is different.  Should your taste lean more towards the Old School Disco Cheese-a-thon meets Birdy Song Congo type shenanigans , then PaulNightLong is definitely not your type of DJ.

PaulNightLong offers a bespoke service.  Taking a selection of your favourite music, combining Paul's ninja DJ skills and production powers, a vast record collection, thus resulting in an electrifying and truly personal Wedding Party.

Here's how it works..... Before any contracts, quotes, or the words "first dance"  -  we meet up and take it from the top. We have a chat about what kind of music you like both as individuals and as a couple,  run through your day, discuss where and when music is required and scope out any additional needs. We will then get back to you with some ideas, suggestions and a quote.

Again, everyone's different. Maybe you absoloutely love music and this exactly what you've been looking for? Maybe you just kinda like music, and to be honest just need something very simple? Or perhaps you're just not sure of where to the hec to start? Feel fee to give us a shout should you have any questions.

Below is a list of services paulnightlong offers for weddings/private events



A personally crafted background mini mix individual to you, for your guests to enjoy prior to the bride arriving.

The mini mixes can be tweaked, edited and compiled to offer a not only a unique and personal touch, but utilises Paul's creative toolbox of sound sculpting skills . (These also offer a very personal and alternative start your Wedding)

Playing The "Aisle" music

Goes without saying a track of your choosing, cued up and ready for Aisle walking - again can be edited if required.


Perhaps you require backing tracks, instrumentals as well as microphones for performers, musicians, singers etc.


A variety of microphones can be used to amplify Bride & Groom. In our experience this can be essential in some venues. This can be provided upon request.


The moment to celebrate! What better way to shake your groove thang back up the aisle as newlyweds, then to a track of your choosing.



Playing at a volume where conversation between your guests wont require a mega-phone or a hearing aid. Providing ambience, mood and style to your reception, whether large or small.  These can be made to variety of duration's, genres and musical stylings. Offer your guests a window into your musical tastes, mixed and accompanied with some PaulNightLong classics. Paul has an archive of background music playlists so feel to choose one he made earlier.


Some couples (and Paul) really like the idea of notifying their arrival to their guests with a signature entrance song. Your day, why the hell not? (Speak to Paul about turning up the creativity)


Dependent on your choice, but generally offering a slightly more calm affair.  The Dinner playlist is an essential provider of momentum, ambience and elegance whilst you pray your table plan works out, your guests can converse over a unique assortment of musical stylings.


Like them of loathe them, hearing them is crucial. We can provide Microphones and full PA.


Given the rise in popularity over social media to make your 1st dance slightly different. Sometimes couples have a selection of songs special to them and can't decide.  We are often requested to provide specifically edited tracks, mini mixes or medleys.

THE Personal PARTY

Take a giant scoop of your favourite and most memorable records!  (previous gigs, festivals, parties, holidays, Stag and Hen etc) add oneone caring, passionate and experienced DJ.  Let him mash-up the whole thing up Live..... and you will have yourselves a truly unique and personal Party! A Party that will keep you and your guests shaking groove thang's long into the night.

We wrap up your Live Mix into one tight bundle of high quality mp3, WAV, novelty USB key or CD-R for you and your guests to enjoy for many anniversary parties to come. In the past couples have sent out their Live mixes to guests as a thank you gift. (Available upon request.)